Electric Balloon Pumps / Inflators – What They Are And What You Need To Know

Whether you are a balloon enthusiast or just have a weekend balloon hobby, you will likely find yourself in need of an electric balloon pump. I often get a lot of questions about electric balloon pumps. These are just some of the many different questions I get about electric balloon pumps.

What Is An Electric Balloon Pump/Inflator?

An electric balloon pump, also known as an electric balloon inflator, is a compact device that allows balloon decorators to quickly inflate more balloons than they could with just their lungs or even just a hand pump.

How do electric balloon pumps work?

An electric balloon pump works by sucking in plain air and blowing out that same plain air through a nozzle to which a balloon can be attached, therefore inflating the balloon.

Do electric balloon pumps work?

An electric balloon pump can be a very effective tool for any balloon enthusiast.

Does an electric balloon pump have helium? Will balloons float with an electric air pump?

An electric pump does not have helium. An electric balloon pump fills balloons with air. Balloons will not float after being inflated by an electric balloon pump.

Are electric balloon pumps reusable?

Electric balloon pumps can work for a variety of different balloon jobs. They can make your job of inflating balloons a breeze. Electric balloon pumps are reusable, compact, and easy to transport.

An electric balloon pump is super easy to set up and use. Most electric balloon pumps or inflators work in generally the same way. The Twobiu Electric Balloon Pump which I reviewed came with a user’s manual, caps for the inflators, and fill tip extenders for filling smaller balloons. It has an on/off switch, a plug-in cord, and a storage compartment for the cord. The balloon pump has two nozzles for filling balloons. The yellow nozzle turns on when you turn the switch on. And the pink and yellow nozzles turn on when you press the pink nozzle down. This pump is very lightweight, which would make traveling to a job site easy and convenient. It makes a decent amount of noise when in operation, about as much as a vacuum cleaner, but that is to be expected.

To use a manual electric balloon pump/inflator, place a balloon over one or both of the nozzles and gently push the balloon(s). The balloon(s) will inflate. Stop pushing down when the balloon(s) reach the desired size. Check out my post on the parts of a balloon, here.

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