How To Get Confetti To Stick To Confetti Balloons

Have you ever seen those beautiful jumbo confetti balloons and wondered how they get the confetti to stick to the balloon? In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to blow up a confetti balloon and get the confetti to actually stick to the sides.

Getting confetti to stick to the sides of a pre-filled confetti balloon is actually quite simple. First, shake the balloon, then create a barrier between the confetti and the rest of the balloon, next apply some high float, then release the confetti and inflate like normal.

What Is A Pre-Filled Confetti Balloon

A pre-filled confetti balloon is a balloon that you buy that comes already filled with confetti. You can get them in lots of different colors to match any decorations.

Where Do I Buy Pre-Filled Confetti Balloons

I will be using these gorgeous jumbo confetti balloons from Shimmer and Confetti. I really love this pack because it comes with all you need to make a dazzling balloon bouquet. They are so beautiful. Each pack comes with 15 balloons in total, 5 jumbo confetti balloons, 5 small confetti balloons, 5 solid colored latex balloons, and some curling ribbon to match. You can buy these beautiful pre-filled confetti balloons from Shimmer and Confetti, check them out here.

The Issue

When inflating pre-filled confetti balloons you basically have three choices;
1. You can either inflate your pre-filled confetti balloon without Hi-Float. If you choose this method, the balloons won’t last very long and the confetti won’t stick to the sides of the balloon.
2. You can use Hi-Float without using this ingenious method and your confetti will clump and cling to each other.
3. Or you can use this method I’m going to show you and make beautiful confetti-filled balloons.

How To Get Confetti To Stick To My Pre-Filled Balloons

You will need a couple of things, you will need, high float, balloons with confetti, a rubber band, helium or air, a possible balloon pump, measuring tape, painter’s tape.

Here is how to get your beautiful confetti balloons like these.

Shake the balloon to get all the confetti settled to the bottom of the balloon.

Now using the rubber band, create a barrier between the confetti and the rest of the balloon.

Next, apply some high flow to the empty portion of the balloon and use your fingers to work the high float around the balloon to ensure that it is evenly spread around the balloon.

Now remove the rubber band and inflate your balloon using air or helium.

Shake the balloon with your hand and move it around as you inflate to get the confetti to evenly spread out.

It’s helpful to note that using 100% pure helium helps the balloons to float better, especially the large ones. Sometimes when you get those disposable or recyclable containers it’s not 100% pure helium. You have to have enough helium to hold your balloon up. Underinflating these jumbo balloons will result in your balloons either floating lopsided or not floating at all.

How To Get Confetti To Stick To Your Pre-Filled Confetti Balloons Video

Voila, now you have a gorgeous confetti-filled balloon and we didn’t even break a sweat. Don’t forget to check out Shimmer and Confetti. I hope this post brought value to your day. If it did, please consider sharing with a friend or on your favorite social media. Thanks For Reading Fun With Balloons!

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