How To Make A Balloon Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I don’t think they meant a balloon apple but they are cute anyway. Have you ever wondered, how do you make a balloon apple? These simple balloon creations are extremely simple and versatile. They can be used in a variety of different ways. You can make green apple balloons or you can make red apple balloons, either way, they look delicious. Do Not Eat these balloons!

How To Make An Apple Balloon

  1. Gather All Of Your Ingredients
  2. Inflate Red Balloon
  3. Tie A Knot In The Neck Of The Balloon
  4. Push The Knot Through The Balloon
  5. Twist And Attach Green Balloon
  6. Enjoy!

Gather All Of Your Ingredients

  • 11″ red (or whatever color apple you are making) balloon
  • 5″ green balloon
  • Balloon Pump on Amazon

Inflate Red Balloon

Start by blowing up your 11″ red balloon to be whatever size you want your apple to be.

Tie A Knot In The Neck Of The Balloon

Tie a knot in the neck of the balloon. If you need help or a reminder on How To Tie A Balloon, check out my post here. I like to pull the knot down a little.

Push The Knot Through Your Balloon

Next, you’re going to push the knot through your balloon and catch it on the other side with your fingers (if you have poky fingernails then you might need to trim them because they could pop your balloon). This step can be a little tricky so you might need to practice.

Twist And Attach Green Balloon

Then while holding the knot you want to twist it, giving it a couple of good twists. Then attach your green balloon.


What Is A Balloon Apple

A balloon apple is a balloon or two balloons twisted into the shape of an apple. Balloon apples can be made to look like green granny smith apples, red like a red delicious apple, or really whatever color/ color combination you can think up.

Where Can I Use A Balloon Apple

A balloon apple can be used by itself or in conjunction with other balloon elements to create a whole feeling. You can use balloon apples to decorate your house for back to school or you could give a balloon apple to your favorite teacher. You could even use them to create a photo op. Balloon apples can even be hung from a balloon tree to make a whole apple orchard. The uses for balloon apples are endless.

What Is The Apple Balloon Twist / Tulip Balloon Twist

The apple twist or tulip twist is a basic balloon twisting technique used in many different balloon twisting creations. It is called the apple twist because it is the twist used to make a balloon apple. The same twist used to make balloon apples is also called the tulip twist because it is the same twist that is used to make a balloon tulip.

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