How To Make A DIY Easy Balloon Drop

What Is A Balloon Drop

A balloon drop is a balloon element in which balloons fall from the ceiling (or from up high) when the balloon drop is triggered.

Steps To Make A Homemade Balloon Drop

  1. Gather All Of Your Ingredients
  2. Open And Line Up
  3. Glue
  4. Flip Tablecloths Right Side Out
  5. Add Hanging Binder Rings (Optional Eyelets)
  6. Add Holes To Open Side (Optional Eyelets)
  7. Inflate Balloons
  8. Stuff The Balloon Drop
  9. Lace Ribbon Through The Eyelets
  10. Hang Command Hooks
  11. Hang Your Balloon Drop
  12. When Ready Pull The Ribbon And Enjoy!

1. Gather All Of Your Ingredients

  • Balloon hand pump here on Amazon
  • 2 Plastic Table Cloths here on Amazon
  • Cool Glue Gun & Glue Sticks here
  • Command Hooks here
  • Grommet Punch & Eyelets (Optional)
  • Single Hole Punch
  • 3 Binder Rings
  • Ribbon
  • Balloons
  • Ladder (Depending on the height of your ceilings)

2. Open And Line Up

Start out by spreading out the tablecloths, you are going to need a workspace about the size of your tablecloths. Line your two tablecloths up together. If you want one particular side to be on the outside of your finished balloon drop make sure your line the finished outside facing sides together.

3. Glue

Next, we are going to glue three of the four sides of the tablecloths together. Glue one of the long sides of the tablecloth together, followed by the two shorter sides. When gluing the two shorter sides, leave about six inches of space un-glued space along the long open side. This will help make sure the balloons don’t get stuck during the drop.

4. Flip Tablecloths Right Side Out

Flip the tablecloth’s right side out so the side you actually want to see is facing out.

5. Add Hanging Binder Rings (Optional Eyelets)

Next, find the two back corners of your balloon drop pouch and make a hole in each corner using your hole punch.

If using the optional eyelets, add an eyelet to the grommet punch, line up the hole, and squeeze. This optional step gives the balloon drop a nicer finish and helps the balloon drop be a little more sturdy.

Add the binder rings through the back corner holes.

6. Add Holes To Open Side (Optional Eyelets)

On the long open side, add holes using the hole punch. You can measure your tablecloths and evenly space out your holes or you can just eyeball where to put the holes. The important thing is you don’t space your holes out too far that the balloons will slip through. For example: if you are using nine inch balloons, make sure your holes are spaced less than nine inches.

Line the two pieces of tablecloth together and punch a hole through both sides, ensuring the holes are in the same place on each side.

Next, the optional eyelets, separate the two tablecloths, and using the grommet punch add eyelets to each side separately.

7. Inflate Balloons

Inflate all of your balloons for your balloon drop. You don’t have to worry about sizing them, just blow them up and tie them. If you need more information on how to tie a balloon check out my posts How To Tie A Balloon here or Tie A Balloon Easy With A Balloon Tie Tool here.

8. Stuff The Balloon Drop

Carefully start stuffing the balloons into your balloon drop pouch through the open hole we left. You may have to begin step 9 before you have all the balloons in your balloon drop, in order to keep the balloons from escaping.

9. Lace Ribbon Through The Eyelets

Start by lacing your ribbon through each of the eyelets, making sure to leave lots of ribbon on the side you plan to pull from.

10. Hang Command Hooks

Follow the instructions on the package to hang the command hooks from the ceiling, or whatever location you are wanting to hang the balloon drop.

10. Hang Your Balloon Drop

Next, hang the binder rings through the command hooks, hanging the balloon drop.

11. When Ready Pull The Ribbon And Enjoy!

How Many Balloons For A Balloon Drop

The number of balloons for your balloon drop will depend on the size of your pouch or netting and the size of your balloons. here is a quick equation to determine how many balloons you would need.

For simplicities sake, we are going to use Length x Width x Height = Cubic Feet (cu ft) / cu ft of the balloons (I have included a chart of cu ft for standard balloon sizes)

Balloon SizeApproximate Cubic Feet

For Example: If you used the tablecloths from this post this is approximately how many balloons you would need depending on the size you are using.

Balloon SizeApproximate Balloon Quantity

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DIY Easy Balloon Drop

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