How To Make A Double Balloon, Layered Balloon, Double Stuffed Balloon

Have you ever seen those balloons inside of other balloons and wondered, how did they do that? How did they get a balloon inside of another balloon? Or have you ever wondered how you could customize your balloon colors to be exactly what you want? In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a double-balloon. Double balloons are a great way to add value to your balloon decor.

What Is A Double Balloon 

Double balloon, layered balloon, double stuffed balloon, so many names but what do they all mean? Double balloon, layered balloon, double stuffed balloon these are different names for the same thing. A double balloon is where you take one balloon, stuff it inside another balloon and then inflate the balloons, either separately or at the same time.

Custom And Unique Balloon Colors 

Did you know you can customize your balloon colors? Double balloons, layered balloons, or stuffed balloons are a great way to customize balloon colors to your unique balloon colors. All you have to do is, place one balloon inside another and inflate both balloons at the same time.

Different Types Of Double Balloons

There are a couple of different types of double balloons. The different types of double balloons are the maximum double balloon, the minimum double balloon, the equal double balloon, and the gumball double balloon.

The Maximum Double Balloon 

The maximum double balloon is where the interior balloon fills up most of the space inside the outer balloon.

The Minimum Double Balloon 

The minimum double balloon is where the interior balloon doesn’t fill up most of the outer balloon, it only takes up a minimum amount of space.

The Equal Double Balloon 

The equal double balloon is where the interior and exterior balloons are blown up to exactly the same size at the same time. This style of double balloon is used in custom color matching of balloons.

The Gumball Double Balloon

The gumball double balloon is where you have several different balloons blown up inside the exterior balloon. This begins to look like a gumball machine. 

Now that you know what the different types of double balloons are the same basic steps can be used to achieve each of these different double balloon styles. 

How To Make A Double Balloon 

For this project, you are going to need two different balloons, one solid color for the inside and one clear balloon for the outside balloon. I also have some ribbon to tie to my balloons and my helium tank.

Start by folding the solid balloon in half and sticking it inside the clear balloon.  You could also use a chopstick by sticking the inside balloon on the chopstick and twisting the balloon around the chopstick and then inserting the colored balloon inside the clear balloon.

Make sure the little lips on the balloons are even with each other.

Now you’ve got two balloons one inside the other. Then you need to fill up the outside balloon just a little bit.

Next, you are going to fill up the inside balloon.

Now you should begin to see there is a little bit of space between the two balloons.

Keep filling up the outside balloon all the way.

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of trial and error to know what you want your balloon to look like. If you want to make a maximum double balloon, you would need to blow both balloons up at the same time more than if you were wanting to make a minimal double balloon. If you were making an equal double balloon you wouldn’t blow up either balloon individually. The gumball double balloon is completely different, I will have to make a separate post explaining that particular type of double balloon.

How To Tie A Double Balloon

Now that you have your beautiful balloon inflated how you want it, how do I get both of these balloon necks to tie? Tying two balloons is a little different from tying just one balloon. It is nearly impossible if you just try to tie them the same way you would with one balloon. 

To tie a double balloon, pull the inside balloon neck out as far as you can and tie it around the neck of the second balloon, and continue like you would if you just had one balloon. The second balloon neck will get caught in the knot and you will end up with two tied balloons without the struggle of actually trying to tie two balloons. Check out my post on how to tie a balloon here.

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Double Balloon

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