How To Size A Big Balloon

Have you ever seen any of those big balloons? Have you ever wondered how they size those things? Have no fear, I’m going to show you just that.

What Is A Considered A Big Balloon

Ok so what exactly are we talking about when we say big balloon. I’m thinking of any balloon bigger than you can size with your balloon sizer. For this example, I’m going to be using a 36” balloon but this method can be used for any big balloon.

How To Size A Big Balloon

The easiest way to size a big balloon is to use a tape measure and some painter’s tape or masking tape.

You know, the blue tape that peels off your wall without leaving a mark? The blue painter’s tape is amazing but if you are like me you may not always have some on hand. For this example, I’m going to use masking tape.

Take your measuring tape and mark out your intended balloon size and mark each end with a piece of painter’s tape.

Next, fill your balloon and periodically stop to hold your balloon up to your marks on the wall.

Now you have the tools to inflate a big balloon to the correct size. I hope this post brought value to your day. If it did, please consider sharing with a friend or on your favorite social media. Thanks For Reading Fun With Balloons!

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