How To Store Your Balloons

Ok, so you’ve got all these beautiful balloons but how do you store your balloons? You want to be able to see them so you can put your hands on the ones you want without wasting time but you don’t want all the money you spent on balloons to be a waste because your balloons go bad. Wait, did she just say balloons go bad? Yes, balloons go bad! They have a shelf life, they expire. Whatever you want to call it, just like everything else, they will pass a point where they aren’t as good as they used to be. With a little preparation, we can preserve your balloon investment.

Balloons should be kept away from heat and direct sunlight. They should be kept cool or even cold. You can refrigerate them or even put them in the freezer. If you choose to go this route balloons can be kept for significantly longer periods (we are talking years) of time but you should always allow balloons to return to room temperature before inflating. For more specifics on how to store your balloons, first, we need to ask…

How Much Space Do You Have?

Do you have a shop dedicated to your craft or are you trying to start a balloon business from home? Do you have a closet you can spare or just a Rubbermaid bucket? Once you determine how much space you have.

How Many Balloons Do You Need To Store?

Do you have every color under the sun in every size imaginable? Or do you have a handful of colors in a few sizes? Or somewhere in between?

How Fast (Or Slow) Do You Typically Go Through Balloons?

Are you a balloon twister with a different gig every weekend and you struggle to keep enough balloons on hand? Or are you an occasional decorator with only a few gigs each year?

Another major point and I can’t stress this enough, it doesn’t matter how you store balloons if you start with a less than stellar quality of balloons. Not all balloons are created equal! Not all balloons are made with quality materials! Know the balloons you are using.

When I First Started

When I first started my very own balloon decorating business, I had an entire office in my house dedicated to balloons. I went through balloons fairly quickly and I had bookcases full of balloons. I used clear canisters from the dollar tree to store my balloons. Each balloon-type had its own container. I could quickly see what I had, what I was getting low on, and where everything was.

If you looked at a major party store, they store their balloons in open containers (like these), sorted by color and size. They have a lot of balloons and they probably go through them very quickly.


Fast forward, I started having kids, and an entire office was no longer practical. I downsized to a closet for my most used balloons (still stored in dollar tree containers) and my freezer housed some of my lesser-used balloons in gallon-sized zip-lock bags. This worked well for my situation at the time.


I have a small Rubbermaid bucket with very few balloons on hand because let’s face it I only have a small RV-sized refrigerator for my food, there just isn’t space for balloons. I place each type of balloon in a quart-sized zip lock bag and I store like types with each other in bigger zip lock bags. Example: All my 11” solid colored balloons in quart bags are then stored in a single 2.5-gallon bag, so I can easily pull out all my similar-sized balloons at once.

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