Quickly Identify Three Main Parts Of A Latex Balloon

Have you ever just looked at a balloon before? I found myself staring at a balloon the other day when I started to wonder how many people actually know what the different parts of a balloon are. And that is when I decided maybe other people might be interested to learn about the different parts of a balloon. Latex balloons come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Despite their seemingly endless selection to choose from, they all have the same basic parts. Let us take a look.

The three main parts of a latex balloon are the lip (the rolled-up part you inflate from), the belly (the ellipse shape that gets inflated), and the neck (which is the long skinny part that connects the lip and the belly).

The Lip Of The Balloon

Starting from the end you inflate, you have the lip of the balloon. The lip of the balloon is the rolled-down part of a latex balloon that you inflate the balloon with. You can either use air or helium to inflate your balloon. And you can either use your lips or you can use a pump. Maybe that’s where the name lip came from.

The Neck Of The Balloon

Next after the lip of the balloon is the neck of the balloon. The neck of the balloon is the long skinny part of the balloon that connects the lip to the belly. The neck of the balloon is also used for tying the balloon.

The Neck Transition

Then comes the neck transition. The neck transition is the small part of the balloon that transitions from the long skinny neck to the elliptical or round belly area of the balloon. If you have ever overinflated a balloon, you may have noticed the neck transition starting to inflate. 

The Belly Of The Balloon

The belly is the part of the balloon that most people find the most enjoyable. The belly is the elliptical or round part of the balloon. It is the part that is inflated with air or helium.

The Drip Point

And lastly, have you ever noticed that darker-looking drip on the other end of the balloon? The drip point is the part of the balloon that the latex dripped from during the making process.

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