To Hire (A Balloon Professional) Or Not To Hire (A Balloon Professional) – That Is The Question

Everyone knows it isn’t a party without balloons. So now the question is, do you hire a balloon professional or should you make the balloon decorations yourself? There are several factors that go into answering this specific question and this article is going to help you answer that question for yourself and your specific situation.

If your biggest concern is budget, then I would say Not To Hire A Balloon Professional. Balloons are an art and that art takes years of perfecting, practicing, and lots of repetition. There are lots of videos and blogs (even the one you are reading right now) to help people achieve the best possible balloon creation all by themselves for a fraction of the price but DIY balloon decorations won’t compare to the quality of a balloon professional.

On the other hand, if your biggest concern is having beautifully crafted decor, then I would say Hire A Balloon Professional. A balloon professional is worth every penny. They know all the ins and outs of balloons. They know how to put the balloons together in an eye-pleasing way that will wow your senses. They know the legal aspects of the balloon industry, yes there are laws governing balloons, did you know that? Well, your balloon professional does.

Flow Chart For If You Should Hire A Balloon Professional

Do You Have A Budget In Mind For Your Event?

Great! You are off to a good start.
Well, it’s never too late. If you don’t have a budget in mind for your event, it definitely isn’t time to hire a balloon professional. Either figure
out a budget and start over or
Not To Hire A Balloon Professional.

Is Your Budget $100 Or Less?

If your budget is $100 or less
you will want to do the balloons yourself. $100 is
too small of a budget to hire a balloon professional, Not To Hire A Balloon Professional.
Great! Moving right along.

Do You Know/Understand Design Elements And Principles?

Not all hope is lost, check out my post Elements And Principles Of Balloon Design And Why You Need To Know Them here. After reading my post if you still don’t understand the elements and principles of design, it might be time to Hire A Balloon Professional.

Do You Have 2 Hours Minimum Day Of Your Event To Do Balloons?

The minimum 2 hours only includes the day of your event and can significantly increase depending on how many balloons your event requires. Also note that the 2 hours don’t include any hours of research, learning, and practice you may need to do prior to the day of your event, this time will significantly increase if you have never worked with balloons or if you want a lot of balloons for your event.

Awesome! You might be a good candidate to make your own balloon decoration.
Balloons take time, especially if you have
never done balloons before. If you don’t have the time to dedicate just to balloons, you
might want to Hire A Balloon Professional.

Do You Have A Balloon Pump Or Are Willing To Buy One?

Great! Balloon pumps are an invaluable tool used by balloon professionals. If you want more information about balloon pumps check out my post Balloon Inflator Pump: The Ultimate Guide How To Choose, Use, And Different Types here.
Hire A Balloon Professional. Check out my post Never Inflate A Balloon With Your Mouth

Are You Afraid Of Balloons Popping?

If you are afraid of balloons popping, you should hire a balloon professional. Balloons popping are an inevitable part of balloon decorating, especially if you are using less than quality balloons.
Almost there! You are one step closer to knowing if you should hire a balloon professional or if you should do your own balloon decorations.

Do You Like To Be More Hands On Or Hands Off?

Hands Off

Hands On

Well there you have it, you should now know whether you should hire a balloon professional or if you should make your own balloon decorations. I hope you found this exercise helpful. This post is only intended as a suggestion and to help you on your journey. If your answers came out pointing towards hiring a pro but you really want to make the balloon decorations yourself, I say give it a go and make your balloon decorations yourself.

For The DIYers

So you have decided to make your own balloon decorations, great! Here are a few posts to help get you started on your way.

More To Consider

Are You Planning To Buy A Balloon Kit?

Balloon kits can be a practical addition for any DIYer, but most balloon professionals don’t want to work with balloon kits for several reasons. The main reason being balloon kits often don’t come with quality balloons. This isn’t true for all balloon kits, so read the description. Check out my post Top Balloon Brands here.

Balloon professionals usually buy their balloons in bulk and at a discount. So even though you will get a higher quality balloon, you probably won’t pay more for the balloons themselves. Instead, you will be paying for the balloon professional’s know-how.

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