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Size A Balloon

Have you ever wondered how to size a balloon for an event? Or maybe you are wondering how you can step up your balloon setup and make your balloon creations look even better. Well, you have come to the right place. This post is going to teach you how balloons are measured, what is balloon sizing and how you size a balloon, what is a balloon sizer tool and how to use one.

How Are Balloons Measured

Have you ever wondered how exactly balloons are measured? Latex balloons and foil balloons are measured differently.

Size A Balloon

Latex balloons are measured by the approximate diameter of the fully inflated balloon. Imagine drawing a line from one side of the balloon to the other at the widest point, that would be the diameter of the balloon.

Foil balloons are generally measured by the longest size of the uninflated balloon.

What Is Balloon Sizing And What Is A Balloon Sizer Tool

Have you ever heard the term balloon sizing? Or heard someone say to size your balloons? But what does that mean exactly?

Balloon sizing as it’s often called in the balloon industry is a fancy way of saying making all your balloons the same size. In this post, I will show you three different ways to size a balloon. You don’t necessarily need three methods of sizing a balloon but they all come in handy at different times.

What is a balloon sizer tool?

A balloon sizer tool is a device used to measure the size of balloons. Balloon sizers come in many different shapes and sizes; from foldable plastic, wooden boxes, and even DIY cardboard poster board.

Why Do I Need To Size My Balloons

Ok so now that we know what a balloon sizer is, why is balloon sizing so important?

Balloon sizing is important because it is what makes your balloon creations stand out from a first-time balloon inflator to making your balloons look awesome and professional! Three ways to size a balloon are the hand pump method, the eyeball method, and the balloon sizer method.

Three Ways To Size A Balloon

The Hand Pump Method

The first way is probably the most accurate but also the most time-consuming. You are going to need your hand pump and you’re going to count how many pumps you do.

My favorite hand pump can be found on Amazon here

This particular method might be used if you only had a couple of balloon columns to make or if you wanted to make sure all your balloons were as close to the same size as possible. It might also be used if you had several people helping build balloon columns (or whatever decoration you are creating). This method would ensure all the columns came out the same size. Check out my post How To Size A Balloon Using A Balloon Hand Pump for the number of pumps for specific balloon sizes in inches and centimeters.

The Eyeball Method

The second method is the least accurate method and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you were in a pinch. This method is exactly as it sounds, you inflate one balloon and then the second one and you hold them up side by side, letting air out from one of the balloons until they appear to be the same size.

This balloon sizing method might be used if you need to quickly replace a deflated balloon in your decor. Or maybe you need to replace a couple of balloons quickly. I know this method has saved my butt on more occasions than I would care to admit.

DIY Balloon Sizer Method

Last but certainly not least is the DIY Balloon Sizer Method. I’m gonna show you how to make a balloon sizer out of a cardboard project map.

First I’m going to start out by making circles of different sizes on the cardboard project map. Next using a ruler and a protractor draw out your circles on the cardboard project map in different increments.

Then using an Exacto knife I’m going to cut out all the circles. Make sure when you’re using your Exacto knife you have a mat underneath so you don’t cut whatever is underneath.

Next number each hole by the size hole that it is.

How To Use A Balloon Sizer To Size Balloons

And then you are all set to size balloons until your heart’s content. The key is to blow up the balloons slightly past the size that you want and then as you stick the balloon through the hole you let the air out until it fits through the hole. Make sure you don’t let the air out too fast or the balloon will deflate too much. When the deflated balloon can pass through a hole but still touches the sides of the balloon sizer your balloon is properly sized.

The cool thing about this balloon sizer is you can use it over and over and over again and you don’t have to remake the thing. Some other posts you might enjoy are How To Stuff A Balloon Without A Machine, How To Make A Balloon Column, and Sturdy Balloon Bubbles.

Three Ways To Size A Balloon

How To Size A Big Balloon

Have you ever seen any of those big balloons? Have you ever wondered how they size those things? Have no fear, I’m going to show you just that.

What Is A Considered A Big Balloon

Ok so what exactly are we talking about when we say big balloon? I’m thinking of any balloon bigger than you can size with your balloon sizer. For this example, I’m going to be using a 36” balloon but this method can be used for any big balloon.

How To Size A Big Balloon

The easiest way to size a big balloon is to use a tape measure and some painter’s tape or masking tape.

You know, the blue tape that peels off your wall without leaving a mark? The blue painter’s tape is amazing but if you are like me you may not always have some on hand. For this example, I’m going to use masking tape.

Take your measuring tape and mark out your intended balloon size and mark each end with a piece of painter’s tape.

Next, fill your balloon and periodically stop to hold your balloon up to your marks on the wall.

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