How To Untie A Balloon – Three Ways To Untie A Balloon

Balloon tying is an essential part of every party decoration and enjoyment. However, untying a balloon can be a tricky and painful process if you don’t know the proper techniques. This article will discuss three ways to untie a balloon quickly and easily.

How To Untie A Balloon – Pinch and Twist Method

Locate The Knot

Untie A Balloon

The first method is the pinch and twist method. This method is easy to perform and requires no equipment.

First, locate the knot on the balloon’s neck.

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Pinch And Twist

Pinch the knot tightly with one hand, and use your other hand to twist the balloon’s neck counterclockwise.

This step can take some time. You may need to readjust your fingers and continue to pinch and twist until you can get the knot to release.


The twisting motion will loosen the knot, and you can easily untie the balloon.

How To Untie A Balloon – Straw Method

Insert Straw

The second method involves using a straw. This technique is more effective for untying smaller balloons.

First, insert the end of the straw into the balloon’s knot.


Twist the straw clockwise a few times to loosen the knot.


Then, pull the straw out of the knot, and the balloon will untie itself.

How To Untie A Balloon – Hydrogen Peroxide Method


The last method involves using a hydrogen peroxide solution. This method is efficient for stubborn knots that won’t come loose with the other techniques. First, pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide solution onto the knot.


Let the solution soak into the knot for a few seconds.


After the balloon knot has soaked for a few seconds, dry off the knot and try to untie the balloon. The hydrogen peroxide will break down the knot’s bonds, making it easier to untie.

Why Would You Want To Untie A Balloon

There are several reasons you might want to or need to untie a balloon. Here are a few reasons why someone might want or need to untie a balloon:

  • practice
  • popped balloon
  • mistake


Balloon artists don’t just become amazing overnight, balloon art takes years of practice. One of the best and easiest ways to get that practice is by making balloon creations; over and over again. This can get expensive especially if they use high-quality balloons (which I recommend*).

*Why do I recommend using high quality balloons even if you are just learning you might ask. Great question. I recommend using high quality balloons even when practicing because you want to get used to the feel of high quality balloons, how they work, and how they feel. High quality balloons are different than cheap balloons as you will quickly learn but if you want to get good at working with high quality balloons you need to practice with high quality balloons.

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Popped Balloons

Balloons pop, even for a seasoned balloon professional. Let’s say you just finished a beautiful balloon column when you notice a balloon on the bottom half of your column had deflated or popped. Instead of scrapping the whole column you might untie and replace the popped balloon.


Just like popped balloons, sometimes balloon decorators even make mistakes. But again instead of scrapping the entire balloon column, one might untie the messed up balloon(s) and replace it with the correct balloon(s).

How Many Times Can You Reuse A Balloon

Latex balloons are not meant to be reused. Once a latex balloon has been exposed to the elements they begin to oxidize and break down. However, if you are using high quality balloons and care is taken and the balloons are kept at ideal temperatures and away from sunlight, you may be able to reuse balloons

Good To Know

In the balloon industry, it is common practice to wrap the neck of the balloon around a duplet twice before tieing a knot. One reason for this is that if you need or want to untie a balloon, this second loop helps make untieing a balloon much easier.

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Untying a balloon is easy once you know the proper techniques. The pinch and turn technique, using a straw, and the hydrogen peroxide solution method are three effective ways to untie a balloon. You can try these methods on your own and see which one works best for you. Remember to handle balloons with care, and always supervise children during balloon playtime.

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