Stuff A Balloon – With A Balloon Stuffing Machine

Stuff A Balloon - With A Balloon Stuffing Machine

A stuffed balloon is any time you put something inside another balloon. So is there a machine that makes stuffing balloons easy? Yes, there is a machine that makes balloon stuffing easy.

What Is A Balloon Stuffing Machine

A balloon stuffing machine is a machine that creates a vacuum so you can stuff a balloon. You can stuff a balloon with other balloons, for more information about stuffing balloons with other balloons check out my post How To Make A Double Balloon. Or you can stuff a balloon with gifts, stuffed animals, small toys, or trinkets. You can even stuff a balloon with money, check out my post Money Balloon here.

If you want information on how to stuff a balloon without a balloon stuffing machine, check out my post Stuff A Balloon – Without A Balloon Stuffing Machine.

What Can You Put In A Balloon

When it comes to stuffing a balloon the possibilities are only limited by your imagination, the size of your balloon, and your determination. Generally sharp objects are much harder to stuff inside a balloon but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Some popular items to put inside a balloon include stuffed animals, toys, jewelry, candy, flowers, money, and other balloons.

How Do Balloon Stuffing Machines Work

There are several different balloon stuffing machines on the market, as we will discuss further below, but no matter which balloon stuffing machine you are working with, the basic parts are all the same. Each balloon stuffing machine has an airtight chamber and a valve. Some balloon stuffing machines have a built-in balloon inflator and some you need a balloon inflator to use in conjunction with your balloon stuffing machine.

Balloon stuffing machines work by sucking the air out of the airtight chamber, causing the balloon to inflate. The valve prevents the air from entering back into the airtight chamber. The balloon will stay inflated despite the neck of the balloon being open as long as the air isn’t let back into the chamber through the valve.

How To Stuff A Balloon With A Machine

What You Will Need

  • balloon(s)*
  • balloon clip(s)
  • balloon stuffing machine
  • balloon inflator**
  • Whatever you will be stuffing the balloon with

*There are specific balloons made for balloon stuffing that has the image or print printed upside down compared to a regular balloon. When filling a balloon with helium you will want the knot of the balloon to be towards the ground but with stuffed balloons, you will want the knot of the balloon to be up toward the sky.

**For more information about balloon inflators, check out my post Balloon Inflator Pump: The Ultimate Guide How To Choose, Use, And Different Types.

Set Up The Balloon Stuffing Machine

Set up the balloon stuffing machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Each balloon stuffing machine is a little bit different so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to set up the balloon stuffing machine.

For this example, I’m going to show you using the Puff’N Stuff balloon stuffing machine.

Stretch The Balloon

Start by looping part of the neck of the balloon over one of the tabs on the stuffing machine. Continue stretching the balloon over the hole until the balloon is fully attached.

Attach The Hose To The Balloon Stuffing Machine

Attach the hose with the black piece to the balloon stuffing machine and the other end of the hose to your balloon inflator.

Inflate The Balloon

Turn on the balloon inflator and fill the balloon.

Flip The Collar Inside

Flip the protective collar inside the balloon.

Prep The Item To Be Stuffed

Prep the item to be stuffed into the balloon by tying the fishing line to the object. In this example, I’m going to use a stuffed animal and I am going to tie the fishing line around the stuffed animal’s neck. This step is going to help hold the stuffed animal in place and it will also help me position the stuffed animal later.

Stuff The Balloon

Now for the fun part, begin stuffing the balloon. Begin stuffing the balloon with the part you want on the bottom of the balloon.

Position The Item(s)

Adjust the stuffed item(s) as necessary using the fishing line. When you are satisfied with how the balloon and the stuffed animal look go ahead and tie the balloon.

Remove The Balloon

Pull the protective collar out from the inside of the balloon. Carefully, one at a time remove the balloon from each of the clips. Twist the balloon neck and secure the balloon with a balloon clip.


How To Use The Puff’N Stuff Balloon Video

Popular Balloon Stuffing Machines

Super Stuffer Balloon Stuffing Machine

Super Stuffer Balloon Stuffing Machine easily creates stuffed balloons for decor, uniquely wrapped gift baskets, and floral arrangements surrounded by a crystal clear balloon. The dual purpose vacuum motor allows you to make stuffed balloons and floral gifts.

Price: $995 on Amazon at the time of writing this post

Do you need a balloon inflator: no

Keepsake Balloon Stuffer

Keepsake Balloon Stuffer Gift Wrap Stuffing Machine is made in the USA. It comes with a balloon stuffing dome and a flower stuffing stand. It uses an 18 inch diameter stuffing balloon. Stretch tool included.

Price: $747 on Amazon at the time of writing this post

Do you need a balloon inflator: no

Puff N’ Stuff Balloon Stuffing

The Puff ‘N Stuff Balloon Stuffing tool has a unique design that allows you to create stuffed balloons and balloon wrapped gift baskets!

Price: $429 on Amazon at the time of writing this post

Do you need a balloon inflator: yes

GIAB’s (Gift In A Balloon) Classy Wrap Machine

The GIAB (Gift In A Balloon) Classy Wrap Machine offers starter packages with everything you need to get started stuffing balloons.

Price: $1,029 on at the time of writing this post

Do you need a balloon inflator: no

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