5 Balloon Party Decor Staples – How To Put The Art In Party

Have you ever noticed the word art was right there in the word pARTy? So what if we could step up our party game by adding a little bit of art to our parties? Here are 5 balloon party decor staples and I will show you how to put the art in pARTy.

1. Balloon Columns

What is a balloon column?

The balloon column is probably one of the most iconic pieces of balloon decor, only second to the helium balloon itself. A balloon column is a gathering and stacking of balloons, held together by either a balloon stand or a string in order to make the appearance of a column made out of balloons.

Balloon columns can be used in many different ways; from marking an entrance to accenting a dance floor. Balloon columns can be big or small and can be created in many different shapes. Columns can also be used in conjunction with balloon arches to give even more of a dramatic feel to your decor. Columns are a great addition to any decor. Check out my post on How To Make A Balloon Column.

2. Balloon Flowers

What Is A Balloon Flower?

A balloon flower is a gathering and twisting of balloons in the shape of a flower. A balloon flower can be as simple as the one we are going to make today or it can be complicated and very detailed. The more complicated balloon flowers obviously take more skill and more practice to master. A simple balloon flower usually consists of four petals and one center balloon. You could make several different variations of this.

A simple balloon flower can bloom up any party decor. Balloon flowers are simple to make and go with just about any party theme under the sun. Add just a few of these to your party or make a whole garden of flowers. Check out my post on Simple Balloon Flowers.

3. Double Balloon

What Is A Double Balloon?

A double-balloon is a term used when you put one balloon inside of another. You can have a lot of space between the different balloons, you can have just a little bit of space between the different balloons or you can have no space between the different balloons. Each of these techniques will produce a different effect.

Double balloons are the perfect way to add an interesting touch of magic to your party decorations. Is it one balloon or two? I can’t decide. It’s actually two but let your guests have fun trying to decide. Check out my post The Ultimate Guide To Double Balloons.

4. Balloon Drop

What Is A Balloon Drop?

A balloon drop is a type of balloon decoration consisting of a bag, or some sort of net, that holds balloons and is positioned hanging from the ceiling. Sometimes a balloon drop is used to drop balloons down on a crowd in celebration. When the time is right, the balloons are released from the balloon drop, in a shower of balloons raining down from the sky. I have made balloon drops in a variety of colors to match any color scheme.

Nothing says celebration like a balloon drop! A balloon drop adds fun and excitement to any party. Think balloons drops are only for New Year’s? Well not anymore. These easy (and cheap) balloon accessories are for any occasion.

5. Stuff A Balloon

What Is A Stuffed Balloon?

A stuffed balloon is a technique used to put things, (ie; candy, gift, money, etc.) inside a balloon. A stuffed balloon can be used in lieu of wrapping a gift. Or a stuffed balloon can be used as a unique addition to any occasion.

Don’t forget about the gift. What better way to wrap a gift than to wrap it in a balloon or stuff it in a balloon. Well, whatever you decide to call it stuffing a gift inside a balloon is sure to please.

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