All About Mosaic Balloon Kits: What They Are, Where To Get Them, And More

Mosaic Balloon Kits

What Is A Mosaic Balloon

A mosaic balloon is a three-dimensional letter, number, or shape filled with balloons in a mosaic fashion. Mosaic balloons have become increasingly popular over the last several years, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. Mosaic balloons can be a great way to highlight a specific name or number for an event. Mosaic balloons are fully customizable so they are the perfect addition to any balloon decorations.

What Is A Mosaic Balloon Kit

A mosaic balloon kit is an easy-to-assemble kit so you can build your very own marquee number, letter, or shape. There are several different types of mosaic balloon kits on the market and this post will cover all the different kinds of mosaic balloon kits and where you can get yours. In general, most mosaic balloon kits don’t include balloons or glue, they only have the items needed to create the mosaic frame.

What Size Is A Mosaic Balloon

Mosaic balloons can be made in any size imaginable when you make them yourself. Mosaic balloon kits typically come in 3 ft to 6 ft (2.5 cm – 183) maybe bigger.

How Many Balloons Do I Need For A Mosaic Balloon Kit

The amount of balloons for a mosaic balloon kit is going to differ depending on the size, shape, and size of the balloons you are using. In general, you will need 50 – 100 balloons for a 3-foot mosaic balloon frame, 100 – 150 balloons for a 4-foot mosaic balloon frame, and 150 – 200 balloons for a 5-foot mosaic balloon frame.

Mosaic Balloon Kit Types

Mosaic balloons have grown in popularity exponentially over the last several years and as with any good trend, everyone has started making their own version of the mosaic balloon – everything from DIY to buying fully assembled marquee letters, numbers, or shapes.

Puzzle Type Mosaic Balloon Kit – Nikoloon


Niko Fric is a fantastic balloon artist and the CEO of Nikoloon, which makes and sells Nikoloon Mosaic Frames. The back wall of the Nikoloon Moasic Frames is made of rigid polystyrene plates cut into puzzle-like pieces. The sides are made of corrugated cardboard. These frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You can get your Nikoloon Mosaic Frame from one of the suppliers below. Or you can check out the complete list of Nikoloon Mosaic Frame suppliers.


Balloon Nerds


Shipping: $14-$25

United Kingdom

Balloon Wholesale

Free shipping for orders over £125

Pre-Cut Mosaic Balloon Kit – JoyBox Design

JoyBox Design

JoyBox Design offers many beautiful pre-cut mosaic balloon frames so you can quickly assemble your mosaic balloon kit in about an hour. JoyBox Design provides 3 and 4-foot numbers and letter mosaic frames. Prices range from $40 – $56 if you purchase through their website. If you purchase through their Amazon store, their prices are slightly lower, and if you have Prime, you can get free shipping.

Shaped Balloon Kit


Michael’s craft store has several shaped balloon kits. Michael’s offers seasonal mosaic balloon frame kits. You must purchase the foamboard separately as it is not included in the Michael’s shaped balloon kits.


Amazon has an assortment of mosaic balloon frames, which can be great, but make sure you read the reviews if you aren’t sure of the seller. Not all mosaic balloon frames are made with the same quality.

This cute baby elephant mosaic balloon frame can be found on Amazon.

DIY Mosaic Balloons

What if you want to try making your mosaic balloon frame? There are many options if you make a mosaic balloon frame yourself. Check out my post How To Make A DIY Mosaic Balloon – Three Ways To Make A Mosaic Balloon. Or maybe you want to make one for super cheap or even free; check out my post, How To Make A Free Mosaic Balloon.

How To Put Together A Mosaic Balloon Kit

Not all mosaic balloon kits are the same. They vary in size, shape, and even quality. Many of these mosaic balloon kits even vary in time and effort needed to assemble. These instructions are intended to give you a general idea of how mosaic balloon kits are put together.

Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific mosaic balloon kit you are working with to ensure your mosaic frame turns out correctly.

What you need:

  • mosaic balloon kit
  • cool glue gun
  • scissors
  • balloons
  • balloon pump

For more information about balloon inflator pumps, check out my post, Balloon Inflator Pump: The Ultimate Guide How To Choose, Use, And, Different Types.

Dry Fit Pieces (Not All Kits Need This Step)

Dry fit (put together without any glue yet) the back pieces of the mosaic balloon kit together. This step is very important to make sure you know where all the pieces will go.

Assemble The Back Frame (Not All Kits Need This Step)

Assemble the mosaic frame by gluing all of the pieces together using your cool glue gun. It is important to use a cool glue gun because a hot glue gun could be too hot and melt the pieces.

Attach The Sides Of The Frame

Using the cool glue gun attach the sides of the frame. Start at the base (if there is one) and slowly work your way around the back frame. Glue the corrugated cardboard smooth side out and the corrugated side in. Cut any access cardboard with scissors and glue the remaining piece.

If the specific kit you are using doesn’t use corrugated cardboard, you may need to score the foamboard to get the foamboard to curve.

Pro Tip: Glue the corrugated cardboard in short strips, making sure the glue has cooled or dried before moving on to the next piece.

Inflate Balloons And Dry Fit Balloons

Just with the pieces of the mosaic balloon, you will want to dry fit all of your balloons so you know how they are all going to fit inside your mosaic frame. I like to inflate my balloons as I dry fit them into the mosaic frame. This helps me to know what size balloon I need for a specific space.

Start with the balloons at the bottom of the mosaic frame. Inflate a balloon and palace it in the frame where you want it to go. Then inflate the next balloon to fit the size space you need to fill on the mosaic frame.

Glue The Balloons

Using the cool glue gun, begin gluing the balloons in place. I like to pick one up, apply glue and then put it back into place. Then pick up the next balloon to glue into place. Continuing on until all the balloons are glued into place.


Congratulations! You have put together a mosaic balloon kit!

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