Everything You Need To Know About Hi-Float For Balloons


What Is Hi-Float And How Does It Work

Hi-Float is a patented gel that can be added to the inside of uninflated latex balloons in order to extend the life of the balloons.

Hi-Float works when it dies by creating a coating on the inside of latex balloons, slowing the natural process of helium or air from escaping through the latex molecules.

How To Apply Hi-Float

What You Will Need:

  • Uninflated latex balloons
  • Hi-Float
  • Helium or a hand pump found here on Amazon
  • ribbon (if using helium)
  • balloon weight (if using helium)

For more information about balloon weights check out my post Balloon Weights: How To Use, Make, And How Heavy They Need To Be here.

Apply The Specific Amount Of Hi-Float

When you buy 24 oz or 96 oz Hi-Float bottles it generally comes with the correct collar to properly fill each balloon with the exact amount. You can also purchase this Hi-Float Balloon Kit if your Hi-Float didn’t come with it.

Attach the proper collar to the Hi-Float tube based on the size of the balloon you are inflating.

Insert the uninflated balloon onto the end of the Hi-Float tube, pushing the tube all the way to the bottom of the balloon. Pump the correct amount of Hi-Float into the balloon.

Hi-Float should be used by adding a specific amount of gel to the inside of the uninflated latex balloon. If you don’t have the large size bottle of the Hi-Float collar, use about the size of a pea for an 11″ balloon.

Rub Balloon To Spread The Hi-Float

Remove the balloon from the tube of the Hi-Float bottle.

Spread the hi-float to the inside of the balloon by rubbing the balloon in your fingers.

Some people avoid getting Hi-Float on the inside of the neck of the balloon in order to prevent Hi-Float from getting all over the nozzle of their balloon inflator.

Other people specifically rub the hi-float around the body to neck transition and possibly some of the neck of the balloon, so the helium won’t escape from that portion of the balloon. This will be a personal preference.

If you choose the latter you will need to clean the nozzle of your balloon inflator when finished.

Inflate Balloon

Inflate the balloon as usual, either with helium or with air. Size the balloon as necessary. If you need more information on how to size a balloon, check out my post Best Way To Size A Balloon – Balloon Sizer here.


Congratulations! You just ensured to get the maximum float time from your balloons.

Pro Tip: Allow the Hi-Float to fully dry on the inside of the balloons before adding the balloon to a balloon transport bag. For more information about transporting inflated balloons, check out my post The Best Way To Transport Inflated Balloons here.

How To Apply Hi-Float To A Balloon Video


When To Use Hi-Float

Hi-Float can be used any time you want to slow down the natural process of helium or air escaping through the latex molecules. Hi-Float is typically used with helium-filled latex balloons to help them float for significantly longer periods of time.

How Long Will Balloons Treated With Hi-Float Last

Latex Balloon SizeLatex Balloon TypeAverage Flying Time
Helium Only
Average FlyingTime
Helium And Super Hi-Float
Average Flying Time
Helium And Ultra Hi-Float
11″Standard Colors12-24 hours4-10 days1-4 weeks
11″Metalic & Pearl12-24 hours4-7 days1-3 weeks
*12″Standard Colors12-24 hours4-7 days1-3 weeks
14″Round26-30 hours8-14 days2-5 weeks
16″Round30+ hours14-20 days3-7 weeks
16″Geo Donut22-26 hours3-5 days4-12 days
16″Geo Blossom18-24 hours2-4 days3-10 days
17″Heart14 hours2-3 days3-8 days
18″Round36+ hours16-24 days3-8 weeks
24″Round2-4 hours18-30 days4-10 weeks
3′Round3-5 hours4-8 weeks6-20 weeks
*This is a best guess based on my experience.

These numbers are based on typical ideal indoor conditions and following Hi-Floats instructions. Float times will be less if used outdoors, especially if used in hot or humid weather. Float times vary greatly depending on many factors, such as balloon quality, temperature, humidity, altitude, and tying method. For maximum float time, hand tie balloons. For more information on how to tie a balloon, check out my post Learn To Tie A Balloon Like An Expert here.

Float times are estimates for Super Hi-Float and Ultra Hi-Float from the manufacturer.

Hi-Float Clip Guide

Latex Balloon SizeSuper Hi-Float Clip SizeUltra Hi-Float Clip Size
9″not recommendedpurple
11″ with 60/40 inflatornot recommendedpurple
*12″ with 60/40 inflatornot recommendedpurple
14″2 pumps gray2 pumps orange
16″3 pumps gray2 pumps gray
24″4 pumps gray3 pumps gray
3′4 pumps no clip3 pumps no clip
*This is a best guess based on my experience.

Does Hi-Float Really Work

Hi-Float will increase the longevity of your helium-filled balloons as well as your air-filled balloons. Hi-Float is a trusted brand and standard among balloon professionals.

Fun With Balloons is not affiliated in any way with the Hi-Float company, nor do I get any commission from the Hi-Float company for this (or any) article. These are my personal opinions after having used and worked in the balloon industry for many years.

How Much Hi-Float To Use

The amount of Hi-Float will depend on the size of your balloon. Using too much Hi-Float for the size of your balloon will cause the balloon not to float as well (or not at all) and using too little Hi-Float for the size of your balloon will cause your balloon to not last as long.

When you buy Hi-Float it comes with everything you need to ensure you will use the proper amount of Hi-Float for the size of balloon you are inflating. You can also find several instructional videos about how to properly use Hi-Float on their website, linked here for your information.

Figuring Out The Unit Cost Of Hi-Float

This will depend on the size of the bottle of Hi-Float you purchase. For this example, I will use the 96 oz bottle of Hi-Float from Amazon.

Take the full price of the bottle of Ultra Hi-Float (at the time of writing this article was $51.99) and divide that by how many balloons you could fill from that bottle.

How Many Balloons You Could Treat With Hi-Float

96 oz
24 oz
16 oz
5 oz
11 inches56714110025
14 inches2837050
16 inches2025033
Numbers are from Hi-Float website

Unit Cost Of Hi-Float Based On Bottle Size

96 oz

24 oz

16 oz

5 oz

11 inches$0.09$0.18$0.17$0.36
14 inches$0.18$0.36$0.34
16 inches$0.26$0.50$0.51
Numbers are based on the price of Hi-Float from Amazon at the time of writing this article.

If you choose to purchase items through the links I have provided, I will earn a small referral commission at no cost to you. This commission helps to offset the costs associated with running and maintaining this site. Thank you for your support!

Is Hi-Float Safe / Nontoxic

According to the Hi-Float website “HI-FLOAT is nontoxic, nonirritating, noncorrosive, nonflammable and biodegradable.” Please refer to the company’s FAQs for more information here.

Is Hi-Float Safe To Inhale

While Hi-Float is considered nontoxic, it is NOT safe to inhale. DO NOT inhale helium from a balloon (whether it has been treated with Hi-Float or not). Helium should not be inhaled.

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