Money Balloon – How To Put Money In A Balloon

Money Balloon

What Is A Money Balloon

A money balloon is a balloon filled with money. A money balloon can be a great gift idea.

How do you put money in a balloon? Can you put money inside a balloon? How do you hide money in a balloon? These are just a few of the many questions I get about money balloons. Money inside a balloon is a great way to dress up your gift of cash. You can either use a clear balloon to fill with money or you can use a solid-colored balloon to hide the money from the unsuspecting receiver. Either way, the money balloon is an excellent way to give the gift of cash. You can even hide gift cards inside a balloon.

Balloons You Can Put Money In

So now that we know what a money balloon is, what type of balloon do we need so we can make our very own money balloon? Great question, I’m glad you asked. (Or did I just read your mind?) You can make money balloons with regular latex balloons, you don’t need a special balloon to put money in. I would suggest you use a good quality balloon brand so the balloon doesn’t break while you make it, or while it is waiting to be popped. For more information on top balloon brands, check out my post An Immersive Look At Top Balloon Brands – Part 1 here.

How To Put Money In A Balloon

What You Will Need

  • Balloon (for this example, I will be using an 11″ balloon)
  • Hand pump found on Amazon here
  • Canning funnel found here on Amazon
  • Candy or some sort of weight (Optional)
  • Confetti (Optional)
  • Ribbon (Optional)
  • Money

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I have found that the wide-mouth canning funnel has become somewhat difficult to find so I have been looking for an alternative method.

I have found this balloon expander tool or balloon expansion pliers, they aren’t as easy to use as the funnel but they work.

Prep The Money (Optional)

Depending on your final design, you may want to prep the money to be stuffed into the balloon by rolling it. Sometimes I roll the money nicely I and sometimes I just stuff the money in the balloon. If you want your money rolled, this is where you would want to do that.

Sometimes I like to split each bill up individually and roll the money, and sometimes I just roll up a stack of money and put it in the balloon. Either way, this money balloon is sure to please!

Stretch The Balloon

Start by inflating the balloon several times with a balloon hand pump, holding it for a few seconds, and then releasing the air in order to stretch out the balloon as much as possible. Next, you want to stretch the opening of the balloon as much as you can. Hold the balloon open.

Stretch The Balloon, Again

I’m not kidding, you are going to want to stretch the balloon a few more times. This step is vitally important to making the rest of the steps go smoothly.

Stretch The Balloon Over The Funnel

This funnel isn’t just an ordinary funnel, it is a canning funnel specifically used for wide-mouth jars. You can find these at your local store that sells kitchen and canning supplies.

Next, we are going to stretch the mouth of the balloon over the end of the funnel. This part can get a little bit tricky if especially if you don’t stretch the balloon enough.

The first time I did this step it took me several tries to get the balloon over the funnel.

If using the balloon expander tool or balloon expansion pliers, place the lip and neck of the balloon over the four prongs. Check out my post Anatomy Of A Balloon here, for more information about the parts of a balloon.

I found that rolling the neck of the balloon down a few times helps when attaching the balloon to the balloon expansion pliers.

Add Weight To The Bottom (Optional)

This step is optional, I like to add some sort of weight (generally some sort of wrapped candy*) to the bottom of my stuffed balloons because it helps the balloon to sit upright when you are finished.

Carefully add the candy or some sort of weight through the funnel to the bottom of your balloon.

A Word Of Caution: Do NOT place any unwrapped candies, cookies, or anything else unwrapped inside a latex balloon.

Add Confetti To The Bottom (Optional)

Nothing says celebrate like a bunch of confetti. I like to use confetti when I make money balloons because I think it adds a little something to the popping of the balloon.

Add the confetti through the funnel and into the bottom of your balloon.

Stuff The Balloon

Now for the fun part, begin stuffing the money inside the balloon.

As you stuff your balloon you may need to use your hand holding the funnel and balloon to hold the balloon and stuff from coming unstuffed.

Remove The Funnel Or Pliers

Carefully remove the funnel or pliers (depending on which method you used) from the balloon. You don’t want to rip the balloon, which can happen very easily. I found that rolling the balloon off the funnel works best.

Inflate The Balloon

Next, go ahead and inflate your balloon.

Tie The Balloon

If you need more information on how to tie a balloon check out my posts Learn To Tie A Balloon Like An Expert here or How To Use Balloon Tie Tool – The Easiest Way To Tie A Balloon here.

After you tie the balloon, you can also add ribbon to make the balloon look even more like a gift. Check out my post All About Curling Ribbon For Balloons here.


Money Balloon Video

Money Balloon Ideas

A single solid balloon filled with money, confetti, and candy as a gift. The person will have no idea what is inside the balloon.

A single balloon tied to a box. When you release the balloon from the box, money comes out of the box.

A single clear balloon filled with money and confetti. The person can see the money inside but they have to pop the balloon to get it.

What Is A Money Balloon Bouquet

Ok so now that we know what a money balloon is, you might be wondering about putting money inside a bouquet of balloons with helium. A Money Balloon Bouquet is a balloon bouquet made with money balloons. Imagine handing someone a beautiful bouquet of balloons and then they realize there is money inside the balloons.

Helium Money Balloon – Will A Balloon Filled With Money And Helium Float?

A balloon filled with helium floats because the weight of the balloon and the helium inside the balloon weigh less than the air around the balloon. If you fill a balloon with helium and money not more than the weight of the air around the balloon it will still float. So how much money can we put inside a helium balloon and still have it float?

Balloon SizeHow Much LiftHow Many Bills Will Float*
11″ round0.317oz (9g)About 9
12″ round0.353oz (10g)About 10
16″ round1.199oz (34g)About 34
24″ round5.291oz (150g)About 150
*According to the Bureau Of Engraving and Printing, all U.S. bills weigh the same amount: 0.035 oz or 1 gram. I have not tried to float dollar bills in a helium-filled balloon yet but I hope to soon. These calculations do NOT take the weight of the confetti into account.

Do NOT use Hi-Float when making money balloons!

Money Balloon Bouquet Video (Comin Soon)

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