All About Balloon Garlands – Types, How To Make, Tips And Tricks

Balloon garlands are a popular and festive decoration used for various events and celebrations. There are two primary types of balloon garlands: standard and organic. Let’s explore each type:

What Is A Balloon Garland

A balloon garland is a decorative arrangement made by stringing or attaching multiple balloons together to create a visually appealing display. It involves grouping balloons in a particular pattern, shape, or design, which can be hung or draped as a decoration for various events and celebrations.

Balloon garlands can be created using balloons of different sizes, colors, and textures, depending on the desired effect. They can be made using standard latex or foil balloons, as well as specialty balloons like chrome balloons, confetti-filled balloons, or themed balloons.

The arrangement of the balloons can vary, depending on the desired style. They can be placed in a straight line, forming an arch, creating a spiral, or arranged in a more organic and free-flowing manner. Balloon garlands can be customized to match a specific theme or color scheme, making them versatile and adaptable to various occasions.

Balloon garlands are commonly used for events like birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduation parties, and corporate functions. They add a festive and celebratory touch to the venue, serving as a vibrant backdrop or focal point. Balloon garlands can be hung on walls, across ceilings, draped on tables, or used as photo backdrops, enhancing the overall ambiance and creating a visually stunning effect.

Types Of Balloon Garlands

Standard Balloon Garland

Standard balloon garlands are characterized by a more structured and uniform appearance. They are created using balloons of the same size and shape, typically inflated to a uniform size. These garlands often follow a specific pattern or design, such as a straight line, arch, or spiral. They can be made using a variety of balloon arrangements, including single-layered or multi-layered designs.

To create a standard balloon garland, balloons are typically attached to a flexible framework, such as a line, wire, or balloon strip. They can be secured using various methods like tying knots, using balloon clips, or applying adhesive dots. The balloons are placed closely together to create a dense and visually appealing arrangement. Standard balloon garlands are known for their neat and symmetrical look.

Organic Balloon Garland

Organic balloon garlands, as the name suggests, have a more natural and free-flowing appearance. They are characterized by the use of balloons in various sizes, shapes, and colors, creating a more random and whimsical arrangement. Organic garlands aim to mimic the look of organic shapes found in nature, such as clouds, vines, or clusters of balloons.

Creating an organic balloon garland involves using balloons of different sizes, ranging from small to large. The balloons may be inflated to different sizes, including underinflating some for a textured effect. They are arranged in a more random and asymmetrical manner, giving the garland a unique and visually interesting look. Organic balloon garlands often incorporate additional elements like foliage, greenery, or decorative accents to enhance the natural aesthetic.

This post is going to focus on Organic Balloon Garlands, if you need more information about Standard Balloon Garlands please check out my post How To Make A Simple DIY Balloon Garland here.

How To Make An Organic Balloon Garland

What You Will Need:

  • balloons (the amount and size of balloons you need will depend on the size and type of garland you are making)
  • balloon hand pump or balloon inflator (you can find my personal favorite hand pump on Amazon here)
  • fishing line, curling ribbon, or 260’s
  • scissors

For this example, I’m going to use

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Inflate And Tie Into Duplets

Inflate your balloons and tie balloons into duplets. If you need more information on making a balloon duplet, check out my post How To Make A Duplet here. For this type of balloon garland, you don’t need to worry about sizing the balloons, as part of the appeal of this type of balloon is that it has various sizes.

Wrap Balloons Into Quads

Next, wrap the duplets into quads. If you need more information about how to make a quad, check out my post How To Make A Balloon Quad here.

Stack Quads

Begin stacking your balloon quads one at a time and wrapping your fishing line or curling ribbon around each of your newly stacked quads.


You may need to adjust the balloons and the garland itself until you feel satisfied with the look. This can take some time and some practice but it definitely gets easier with practice.


Tips And Tricks For The Perfect Balloon Garland

Plan Your Design

Decide on the overall look and theme of your balloon garland. Consider the colors, sizes, and shapes of balloons you want to use. Sketch out a rough design or gather inspiration from online resources to help guide you.

Inflate Balloons To Different Sizes

If creating an organic garland, varying the sizes of balloons adds depth and visual interest to your garland. Inflate balloons to different sizes, including underinflating some for a textured effect. A balloon pump or helium tank can make the inflation process quicker and easier.

Secure Balloons Tightly

Ensure the balloons are securely fastened to the framework or line. Tie knots tightly and use adhesive dots to secure them in place if necessary. This will prevent the balloons from slipping or moving around once the garland is assembled.

Create A Balanced Arrangement

As you attach the balloons to the framework, aim for a balanced distribution of colors and sizes. Consider the overall shape and flow of the garland, making sure it looks visually pleasing from different angles.

Add Additional Elements

Enhance your balloon garland by incorporating additional decorative elements such as greenery, flowers, ribbons, or themed accents. These elements can be attached to the framework or woven between the balloons to create a more personalized and unique look.

Hang Or Display Your Garland Securely:

Once your balloon garland is complete, make sure it is securely hung or displayed in your desired location. Use hooks, adhesive strips, or other appropriate methods to ensure it stays in place throughout your event.

Both standard and organic balloon garlands offer creative and eye-catching decorations for various occasions, including parties, weddings, baby showers, and corporate events. The choice between the two types depends on the desired aesthetic, theme, and overall atmosphere you wish to create.

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